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Welcome to the super easy way to purchase and use Pilkington Bus tickets!

Whether it’s for yourself or you’re gifting it to another person, for example your child, this is how it works.


Step One:

Download the Pilkington Bus App from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store on your phone. If you’re going to be gifting tickets, they will need to download the app on their phone too.

Go to the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store and download the Pilkington Bus App to your smartphone:




Step 2:

create your account. It’s fast and easy.


Step 3:

Select and choose the route you need. It will display the areas your ticket can be used.


Step 4:

If you are gifting this ticket to somebody else, click the gift button and enter the email address of the recipient. This will be the email they use to make their own account on the Pilkington Bus app. Once gifted, the ticket you sent will appear on their phone under the My tickets – Inbox tab.


Step 5:

Your Pilkington bus ticket is ready!

Points to remember:

  • You only need to be connected to the Internet when you buy your ticket, as the App is resident on your phone, you do not need a data connection on the bus.
  • Remember to activate your ticket in good time before your journey, so it’s ready to go. Your ticket will be in the form of a unique QR code, which needs to be scanned using the scanner.
  • Only activate the ticket just before you travel.
  • Gifting a ticket for your child protects your bank details and pairs your phone with your child’s if you want notifications and tracking info.
  • Please note: Each ticket holder will need their own smartphone to show the driver each time they board the bus.

Take a seat, enjoy your journey and thank you for travelling with Pilkington Bus!